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Sorry! Here is how you always mispronounce ‘comb’

Out of every 10 people, seven are likely to mispronounce the word,

Akeem Lasisi Akeem Lasisi

How pronouns are tested in WASSCE, NECO

By Akeem Lasisi PRONOUNS are a large class of words in English.

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WASSCE/NECO English Language: Tips on Summary Writing + what markers want

By Akeem Lasisi As the West African Senior School Certificate Examination draws

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Grammar: All works of life or All walks of life?

Tobi Ijalana What is your choice here? Is it 'People from all

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VIDEO: ‘Between you and me’ or ‘Between you and I’?

Only very few people know the correct answer to the question. Are

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How not to use ‘used to’, by Akeem Lasisi

The expression, ‘used to’, is a common one. Often, it comes up

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Difference between ‘has’. ‘have’ and ‘had’

Akeem Lasisi The two words are verbs that we constantly use. In

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