In the Dictionary of your Life (For Mo Abudu)

Mo Abudu

– Akeem Lasisi
In the dictionary of your life
Success stands tall on every page
Failure is only a prefix to future feats,
It opens with dreams and ends with dreams

In the dictionary of your enviable life
Tribe and sentiments have no space,
Gender is such a boring word
It cannot withstand the semantics of your Hammersmith strides

Where soldiers are scared to tread
You soar with your team into planets unseen
Where dreams die in bellies of social strains
Your tree has inspired a global forest

The weaverbird says it was born into talk shows
But its coverage is limited to the neck of a tree
The toad which boasted being the lord of baritone shows
Is grounded at the mercy of a croaking brook

But, Mosunmola Abudu!
In the encyclopedia of your talk shows
Ingenuity, innovations are synonyms unmatched
Variety and depth collocate like the humble snail and its lovely shell

You do not pursue the show at the expense of biz
Talking the talk, walking the dream
You have turned a seed into a farm
You have lifted the continent with EbonyLife.