MC Lively still celebrating his escape from Law

MC Lively


Lasun Alagbe

Popular skit maker, Michael Sani Amanesi, widely known as MC Lively, can hardly stop celebrating his escape from Law.

He may not have committed any offence but the profession wanted to jail him in what he believes is poverty prison.

He is thus eager to always want to recall his escape into entertainment, which has blessed his life abundantly.

He has opened up on why he is not a practising lawyer though he studied Law in school.

According to the graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, he was once offered the sum of 5,000 naira to work with a law firm, which he found annoying.

According to him, he couldn’t just imagine how it would be if he eventually completed his NYSC; so he decided to follow the part he is excelling in presently.

MC Lively said:

“I love law so much. I excelled in it so much. I really really love it. But there was such a struggle between what you do in school and things in real life. It’s so different.

“I mean, how do I go to the Law School, spent such huge amount of money and, coming out, you are telling me that you can pay me N5,000 per month? To do what?

“No, it was really upsetting. And I remember that before I even got that particular one, I had to go look for work by myself in different chambers.

Before I got that particular one, I had gone to like three or four chambers, they said, there was nothing they could do. NYSC, this is not even like the real job o. This is just NYSC.

“So, imagine what you would have to go through even when you are done with the NYSC and you want a real job, an actual job.”


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