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Difference between ‘has’. ‘have’ and ‘had’

Akeem Lasisi The two words are verbs that we constantly use. In

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A Song for Freedom Park, by Akeem Lasisi

The coronavirus restrictions are hitting hard on the entertainment and tourism industry.

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VIDEO: Why Basketmouth is not a ‘master of ceremony’

Did you know that it's wrong to refer to someone as a

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VIDEO: Watch Akeem Lasisi’s gripping ‘gospel’ poetry

Celebrated performance poet, Akeem Lasisi, seems to have a poem for every

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Francesca Emanuel: As multitalented canary joins the choir of the saints

As utility artist and administrator, Francesca Emanuel, dies at 86, AKEEM LASISI

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VIDEO: How to avoid the grammatical error in ‘paying the money instalmentally’

Tobi Ijalana What is wrong with this expression: 'I am paying for

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VIDEO: Poetry in defence of Nigerian lawmakers receiving exotic cars in season of coronavirus

Temitope Yusuf The outrage sparked by a report that Nigerian lawmakers are

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VIDEO: How you mix up ‘each other’ and ‘themselves’

Are you among those who confuse 'each other' with 'themselves' whenever you

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VIDEO: Are you among those who use ‘although’ and ‘but’ together?

Did you know that it is grammatically wrong to use 'although' and

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VIDEO: Why it is wrong to say ‘My names are’

Dele Adekunle Are you among those who introduce themselves thus:'My names are...'?

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