A peep into journalism

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Mueez Akano

On Monday, 10th of May at exactly 9:30am, I was opportune to meet with the Director of Phenomenal.com.ng, Mr Akeem Lasisi, alongside my fellow corps members serving in Great Value Classic School, Ibafo, Ogun State.
He told us about the activities and programmes phenomenal.com.ng carries out. Phenomenal.com.ng is a website that updates news on politics, sports, entertainment etc. and also teaches English Language for better speaking and writing.
He talked about the Yoruba and cultural aspects also.
He also mentioned that he wants corps members to benefit from the projects, that he wants two of them trained and work to gain experience with his organisation.
The impression the corpers, including me, got is that the aim of the programme is to design and build one for future in other profession.


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