Mallorca fan who racially abused Vinicius given strict punishment

Vinicius Jr

Mueez Ajao

– Mallorca have revoked a fan’s membership card for three years after the supporter hurled racist insults at Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior and Villarreal’s Samu Chukwueze.

– In February, Mallorca fans were filmed racially abusing the 22-year-old Brazil international in a video published after their 1-0 win against Real.

– One of those supporters was identified as having racially abused Nigeria winger Chukwueze in the fixture against Villarreal two weeks later.

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– “The Club’s Ethics Committee sanctions with the withdrawal of the membership card for three years the fan who uttered xenophobic insults to both Real Madrid CF player Vinicius Junior and Samu Chukwueze, Villarreal CF player,” the LaLiga club said in a statement on Tuesday

– “Mallorca is against all xenophobic manifestations and will continue to work actively to eradicate this scourge.”

– Vinicius, who has been subjected to racial abuse on at least three occasions, accused LaLiga of continuing to do nothing about racist fans at matches after videos on social media showed some supporters shouting abuse and throwing objects at him.

– Real Valladolid suspended 12 season ticket holders in February for abusing Vinicius during a LaLiga match in December.

– The growing wave of racist insults against the Brazil international escalated after a mannequin wearing his No. 20 shirt was hung from a bridge outside his club’s training ground in January, which Spanish police are investigating as a possible hate crime.

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