Enugu residents lament difficulties in bank transactions as cash scarcity persists

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CBN Governor Emefiele

Residents of Enugu, capital of Enugu State have expressed worries over poor transactions experienced by Bank customers as cash scarcity continues.
Investigation by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) shows that many customers at various banks in the city have continued to face difficulties getting cash out of the banks.
Several banks visited by NAN correspondent in the city shows huge number of customers battling to get access into the banks as the ATMs have remained dry.

In an interview, many bank customers expressed their frustrations over the chaotic situation in their banks.
Mr Mark Eze, a civil servant, said he had been on the queue for over three hours but was unable to find his way inside the bank, talkless of making withdrawal.
“I came here since 6:30am and was given card number 60. Look at the time now, it’s over three hours, yet I have not been called, ” he said.
Eze said he was hoping to get out some cash from the bank and proceed to the office.
“But as it is now, I don’t even know if I will still make it to the office,” he said.
A pensioner, Mr Ambrose Azike, said he was in the bank a third time to complain about his failed transaction at an Point of Sale (PoS) close to his house in Awkunanaw area.

“This is my third time to visiting this bank because of a failed transaction which I made about two weeks ago.
“Last week I was here twice and I was told not to worry that the money will reverse within seven working days.
“Yesterday was the seventh day but nothing happened and I need the money to feed my family. I am just confused, ” Eze said.
The retiree, looking sickly, described the current cash swap policy as unfair to him and others.
“I am a retired military personnel, living on my little pension with my family and here I am not even able to access my money.

“I am sick as you can see me and I don’t have money to buy drug, what a life, ” he said.
Mrs Margerret Ugoh, a teacher, ik also lamented the situation and expressed sadness over the situation.
Ugoh said that she was tired of buying money from PoS operators, describing them as wicked and greedy.
“I am tired of going to the PoS; those people are wicked and greedy; very exploitative, ” she said.
Meanwhile, NAN reports that, PoS operators in parts of the city have continued to exploit the confusion in the banks to rip off customers.
Investigation shows that some of the operators charge as much as N1500 for N5000 and N3000 for N10,000.
A staff of one of the banks who spoke in the condition of anonymity said contrary to the promise by the CBN to flood the banks with old naira notes
“We are trying our best, we cannot give what we don’t have,” he said.

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