Currency saga song: ‘God-nor of the Central Vault’

Niyi Osundare

God-nor of the Central Vault (For Professor Niyi Osundare at 76)

By Akeem Lasisi

Because I am covered with the sword of my gallant Emperor
I, God-nor of the Central Vault,
Will rather redesign my impunity than bow for their lords

Under my able watch
The naira parted ways with its weight and pride
It washes the shoes of dollars and pounds

In ravens-invested banks
Interest rates went gaga
Multiple charges erode people’s sweat like Noah’s flood

The day I officiated the marriage of fraudsters and their ally cashiers
The IGP was the special guest
Their Excellencies, Honourables attended with roses and rum

Since my first bad term attracted another treat
I proved to the world that Governor is Governor:
I was the first to splash ten by ten millions on our primary’s form

Now because I am in charge in a land of everything goes and everything comes
It may be the eve of a landmark poll
Fuel may have become as scarce as a masquerader’s shit

Their lords may be wailing in the apex court
The governors may be moaning in their gasping states
I, a smiling snake in gadem grass, I laugh, unmoved in my apex bank

Because my word is the law and law my word
I have decreed trillions should swap overnight
Even as I mop the old and hoard the new

The land is groaning, the peace is shrinking
But because I roll and rock with an adamant Villa
I will rather redesign my stubbornness than bow for the courts.

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