‘A new couple needs a free house where they can chase each other around naked’

'Holy matrimony involves only the couple and their parents'

Elijah Adebero

If there is something a new couple need rather badly it is a house free to themselves.

There, they will be able to dash around as naked as Adam and Eve, and do what husbands and wives do as they like.

This is the mind of media personality, Reno Omokri, who warns that families and other people should keep their distance from newly-weds.

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According to him, it’s really wrong for newly wed couples to allow their extended family live with them because it won’t allow them to strengthen the bond as it should.

He argues:

After your wedding, note that you need time to strengthen your marriage union.

If you bring in relatives to live with you, you may not be able to strengthen your bond.

You need a house that is so free that both of you can chase each other naked around it, like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

This is how many homes are destroyed. Two imperfect people marry.

Out of foolishness, they allow in-laws to live with them from the get-go.

The in-laws note the imperfection of the spouse not related to them and inform their extended family, and just like that, your marital issues are extended and become family issues!”

Meanwhile, Reno has advised a man planning wedding to prepare the lady for what she will contribute in the marriage.

According to him, the guy should really ask the incoming madam.

He wrote:

“Dear single men,

Never, ever marry a girl without first clarifying from her what she expects you to do for her family.

Many girls are traps.

You marry them and you automatically become the bread winner for her family.

And if you refuse that bondage, you are tagged irresponsible by both the girl and her family.

So be wise.

Except you want to marry into bondage.

And the funniest thing is that the families of such girls believe in exorbitant bride prices.

And then after paying through your nose, your own house will be turned into their family house.

And you wont talk, because you don’t want to be seen as ‘irresponsible”

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