‘My friend is calling off her wedding after I’ve paid 10k for aso ebi’

The aso ebi

A Nigerian lady has narrated howa friend of her has decided to call off her own wedding.

The programme is said to have been scheduled for this December but the about-t-wed babe has opted out because her mother-in-law has moved into her husband-to-be’s home.

What seems to be paying the lady’s friend who shared the story on Twitter on Thursday most is that she has bought the social dress – aso ebi – they wanted to rock at the wedding, for N10k!

The lady, identified as @Grace on Twitter quips (sic):

”So my friend called off her wedding that is supposed to hold on 26th December because her fiance said his mother decided on moving in with them after their marriage. Her fiance’s family home is in Abuja, her fiance’s own house is also in Abuja, in the same town average of 20

Minutes drive. She told him it wasn’t right but didn’t really take it serious until last week when they went to arrange somethings and she noticed that the mother already moved in some of her things. Omo!! The daughters told the girl that she has no right to dictate where there mother will live. Her own family said she should end it before things gets more complicated because the issue has turned into a burning fire and her fiance can’t seem to make decisions.

And I legit bought ashoebi for this wedding ohh. Ahh! My money.

I actually paid 10k for ashoebi material just for her to call me this morning to tell me that she called off the wedding. What in God’s name is this”