God is punishing some people with old age – Kanayo


Popular actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has said that old age can be a punishment from God.

He said not old ages meant longevity.

Many old people have attested to the fact that it is a burden, but this is generally believed to be a natural factor.

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Kanayo, however, argued otherwise in the following post:

“A line of thought have been crossing my mind and I need to share it.

“Longevity is not old age and when you see old men walking around you, do not think it is longevity, but God is punishing them for what they did to humanity and people’s wives.

“It is just like a civil servant who never believed that there is life after office.

“They played God and He is dealing with them, so do not mistake old age for longevity,” Kanayo said.

He, therefore, advised youths to be cautious of their various actions as they would pay dearly for it in their later life.

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