Buhar’s comment: And the Tiny Dot speaks back

Buhari appoints 5 new Perm Secs
President Muhammadu Buhari

.Yes we may be a tiny dot but we make waves across the globe.
.Yes we are a tiny dot but we control 80% of the real estate in FCT and not less than 50% nationwide.
.Yes we may be a tiny dot but we own 80% of the hotels in abuja.
Yes we are a tiny dot but controls commence in the big circle.
. But we are a tiny circle yet controls the 6busd alaba market, the 4busd computer village, the 3busd trade fair, the 3busd idomota and balogun and the 1busd ladipo market just to mention but a few.
.Yes we may be a tiny dot but are the second largest population in any city minus the indigenes.
.Yes we are a tiny dot but we control the aviation industry and the entire transport industry.
.Yes we rather remain a tiny dot but with quality human capital than to be a full circle with the poorest of the earth, ravished by banditry and … terrorism.
.And it is because you have refused to recognize the significance of the tiny dot that the whole circle is in such a mess.
.The earlier you recognise the tiny dot the better for you and your Nigerien brothers.
Dr. Chidi Okpaluba

(Copied from Concerned Citizen Emeka Madunagu’s wall.)