Keeper Rulli is hero as Villa humble Man U in Europa final


Several times, he ensured his hands touch the enemy’s ball coming from the penalty spot.

Yet, he could not achieve the ultimate.

As a result, the first 10 spot kicks hit the net, some in ways very painful to him as he almost stopped them.

His determination and elasticity however eventually paid off when he stopped the 11th kick, interestingly by his fellow goalkeeper of the rival club.

This is the story of Geronimo Rulli, young and vibrant keeper of Villareal, the Spanish team that just emerged winners of the 2021 Europa League, defeating hard-fighting Manchester United 11-10.

The game played on Wednesday night had ended 1-1- at full time, with the extra time not producing any goal.
All the players who took the first five penalties for each side were so astute that the balls kissed the nets one after the other.

The same continued to happen until the two keepers too decided to try their penalty-playing prowess.
Why Rulli pounded in his own slot, Dvid De Gea’s could not hit the destination as Rulli stretched the extra mile to stop it.

This was the irony that decided not just the match but the hotly contested tournament, though the first two goals respectfully by Villa’s (first half) and Edinson Cavani (United) had come relatively earlier.

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