I’ve gone through a lot – Chidinma after becoming gospel artiste

Why I switched secular for gospel music - Chidinma Ekile
Chidinma Ekile

“It has been ordained. It was actually a prophecy. I was going to get here anyway. It was the time I was not sure of.
“Fans should expect the move of God. Yes, we are going to do music. Most importantly, we are here because of God. Expect the move of God and expect to be blessed. I would ask that you open your hearts and minds. Expect to receive from God.”
“The journey so far has been quite challenging. I have had to go through a lot. There has been a lot of submission, praying and spending time with God for this moment. Like I said before, this had been ordained. It is just the right time to step into it.

“I can’t imagine or fathom it. I don’t have the capacity to carry it. I just know that God is here to do so much.

“This is a generation that God is interested in. God has a lot to do. I just want to say ‘release yourself to be used by God’. Worship Him with all your heart and release yourself to Him. People will be blessed and blown away by the things God is set to do with this generation.”


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