Read what Buhari says about Aisha in the foreword to her newly launched book

Buhari - Aisha

Although President Muhammadu Buhari could not attend the Thursday’s public presentation of the biography of his wife, Aisha, there are indications that he endorsed it.

He is actually the one who wrote the foreword to the book titled Being Different.

Here are his words:

“Aisha as the world has come to know her is kind hearted; this made her transitioning into philanthropy and humanitarianism easy when she became First Lady. Her protective mien also translates to the special energy she exerts when women, children, and vulnerable people are abused. I have observed with keen interest as she addresses many of the social concerns that have given her sleepless nights.

“Her programme, Future Assured, has provided her with a special vehicle to actualize her dreams: reaching the poor, sick and underprivileged families to improve their wellbeing, sometimes in remote areas, especially IDPs.

“The stance she has taken in defence of women in our society across our rich ethnic diversity also ranks very high amongst her passing. This plays a significant role in her ability to organize and coordinate likeminded people around a singular agenda.

“Allof these have added impetus to the effort of the government in improving lives of Nigerians through a more robust economy and a nation worthy of our love and pride. She has therefore been a worthy partner and a beacon for some of the good things that Nigerians have come to identify with our government.”


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