Many people just forget about you once you leave office – Jonathan

PDP rattled by visit of its governors to Johnathan, APC says

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has lamented that many former loyalists are fond of shunning leaders once they are out of office.

He, on Wednesday, gave the indication that he has been suffering this, when Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed, hosted him.

He was invited to the inauguration of a road.

Expressing appreciation to Mohammed, Jonathan said:

”There are people who act like they can’t eat without you when you’re in a position of power. But once you’re no longer in that position, they move on and act like you no longer exist.

”It is a very big day for me and you know why? Because it’s not easy for somebody to work with you in Nigeria then after leaving office, that person still continues with that kind of strong fraternal relationship with you.

”I have been in government for a reasonable time and I’ve served at quite a number of levels starting from deputy governor.

“Most of my experience is that after leaving office, some people just forget that you even exists.

“However, Gov. Bala Mohammed of Bauchi is a good brother and I’m quite pleased that he invited me to commission the first major project that he has completed, that’s a big honour.”
On his part,
Mohammed said that the project was among the first set of legacy projects embarked upon within his first 100 days in office.

He aid that the project was awarded to an indigenous company, Habib Engineering Limited at the cost of N2.2billion and was completed within six months.

”We embraced good governance as a deliberate policy for the development of the state and in order to create the desired positive impact on the lives of the people of Bauchi state.

“Your excellency, you know very well, I did not know this culture, you taught me how to do this in your cabinet,” he said.


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