If Nigeria does not restructure in the next three years – Gani Adams


The Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, has expressed strong fears in case Nigeria fails to restructure in the next three years.

According to him, Yorubas particularly know what they want, which is self determination.

He spoke in Lagos on Wednesday, during the presentation of a book titled ‘Roundtable Discussion on Economy and Restructuring in Nigeria,’ by the National Pilot Book.

The book was edited by Prof. Hassan Saliu and Mr Billy Adedamola.

Adams said, “I support the popular view that we have graduated from restructuring to self-determination but the main powerful bloc is not ready. This is what Yoruba leaders are clamouring for. If Nigeria is not restructured in the next three years, the future is bleak. We have different types of restructuring; so they should know the kind of restructuring that they want. If Nigeria will be restructured, we have to borrow points from 1960 and 1963 which give room for regionalism. Through the Abacha (late Sani Abacha) regime, it also allowed that the six zones can develop at their own paces. My own is self-determination, you prepare for negotiation.”


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