80% of travel agencies paralysed in Angola due to COVID-19

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At least 80 per cent of tourism and travel agencies from the total of 468 agencies in Angola are paralysed due to the measures imposed to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19), an official said.

The country’s Secretary of State for Tourism, Helder Marcelino, said this on Saturday.

Marcelino, who visited some of these agencies, said the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Environment was concerned with the problems that afflict the sector.

He pointed mainly to the equipment supply industry, saying that in articulation with other sectors it would seek to mitigate issues such as the high tourist packages practiced in the country.

Isabel Apolinario, commercial director of one travel agency, said the sector was being sacrificed for not having products for sale, taking into account the pandemic and particularly the remaining sanitary cordon imposed in Luanda.

The ministry has said that it will articulate with other sectors that contribute to the improvement of the sector to find ways to enable tourism agencies to continue to provide services and safeguard jobs.


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