Strange disease leaves 9 pupils wobbling in Benue school

23 Tanzanian pharmacists arrested over alleged theft of medicines

Health experts in Benue State are struggling to clear the cloud surrounding nan illness that is leaving pupils wobbling in one of its schools. Vaatia College in Makurdi,

According to the Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Joseph Ngbea, who confirmed the outbreak of the ailment, some of the patients have been discharged while few others are still hospitalized.

“The report of the unknown disease got to me through my Director of Public Health and we went to the Teaching Hospital where three of the students were on admission and what we saw, there was no paralysis. What we saw was Paresis – weakness of the limbs.

Many of them were walking with a wobbling gait. We looked at the possible causes because this country is almost certified free of Poliomyelitis.

So, when we got there, it was confirmed that it was not Poliomyelitis. What we are looking at is ‘Golemba Syndrome’. It is a weakness that starts from the limbs upwards” he said


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