Guardiola highlights Klopp’s contribution to football


Man City’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, has identified symbolic contributions of Liverpool’s Manager, Jurgen Klopp, to football.
According to him, Klopp is great at entertainment soccer.
He noted this while expressing sympathy with him over the recent travails of Liverpool.
Guardiola is quoted by ‘AFP’ as saying on Tuesday:

“His philosophy makes football entertaining for all spectators. He always wants to produce joy to the fans, to play attacking football.

“We all have good moments or bad moments. There is no club or manager than can sustain seasons and seasons of winning, winning, winning, winning.
“From my personal point of view, sometimes it is good to lose,” added Guardiola. “Four seasons are good enough to realise how difficult everything is. When you come back and try to win some games you give more credit or value to what you have done or are doing.”

Guardiola and Klopp


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