Cheers, jeers for Europe-based Nigerian looking for wife who can cook, not pretty girl


A Nigerian businessman based in Europe, Uchenna, is attracting cheers and jeers to himself after he advertised for a woman whose major asset is the ability to cook good food.

is seeking for a life partner who knows how to cook.
He noted in an online prayer that he was not looking for a pretty babe but a life partner who can cook.

“My name is Uchenna. Friends call me King. I was born in 16.11.1986. From Imo State. I am a businessman. Live in Europe. Single. I am not looking for a pretty girl but a woman who knows how to cook because I love food. God bless everyone,” he stressed.

This is attracting diverse comments, with some showing understanding while others are criticising his taste.

Here are some of the comments as seen on Lindaikejiblog:

Please I am interested, I am just divorced to a man who cannot take care of me, I can cook. i am just 36 and i am responsible and God fearing. i WAS TOLD BY A PROPHET THAT MY HUSBAND WILL LOOK FOR ME and that he is from Europe. Come and marry me. I am ready. apart from cook i will satisfy you bedsually and any style . I need a husband this year. Thanks. wHERE CAN I FIND YOU?

Where are those girls that believe that by rubbing every cream and buying brazilian hair and all sort of nonsense is the way to a man’s heart.. can you see it now… simple cook beta food for your husband you have him for yourself… uche this was the only thing that I requested when I married and till today I don’t miss my wife’s food everyday…her food remains the best … nothing to compare at all good luck my brother you are not asking for too much and God will provide her for you in Jesus name.


And GOD bless you too brother!! And From your mouth to the ears of the ALMIGHTY, You shall find what you seek…The universe will connect you with your heart desire and all will be aligned in your favor.

You love to Eat, live in Europe and your Tummy is this Flat, Mr King please how did you do it. I am also living in Europe, i barely eat but my tummy size looks like i am 8 months pregnant.


Don’t mind him there’s something else he’s looking for you want to tell us that there are no girls in the Country you stay if not you still have people in your village they can arrange and package one for you do this your story no be am at all


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