Buhari has no business praying for Nigeria – George Ehusani

Catholic Priest, Rev Father Ehusani, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has no business praying for Nigerians on the insecurity embattling the country.
According to him, praying is the business of clerics while the President is expected to take actions.
Ehusani said this on ‘Hard Copy’, a programme monitored by Phenomenal.com.ng on ‘Channels Television’ on Saturday night.
Ehusani said the situation in the country was so critical that the President needed to speak up and make the military confront the criminals terrorizing the polity.
According to him, time is ticking for Nigeria based on the way the situation is being handled.
He said there was herdsmen terrorism in Nigeria, adding that the Federal Government appeared to be siding with those behind it.
Ehusani said killings were going on in all parts of the country.
All the borrowings the government was undertaking for economic development, he said, were null and void when the country was under the threat of disintegration.
“The emphasis should be on how to secure the people. You are putting future generations in jeopardy and you are borrowing. Future generations of where? If you don’t have the politics right, if you don’t have the people together, what are you talking about economic development?’
Ehusani said insecurity lingered because some people were benefiting from it.
“People are becoming millionaires on account of Boko Haram and palliatives,” he said.
Ehusani added that the recent calls for settling bandits might be an attempt by some governors to loot.


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