3 Ethiopian militants killed, 2 captured in border clash

Ethiopian Govt., WFP commend China’s humanitarian support

Three Ethiopian militants were reportedly killed with two taken prisoner, and an unspecified number injured following an engagement between Ethiopian-backed militants and Sudanese troops along the two African nations’ borders on Tuesday.

A Sudanese military source disclosed this in an interview with Sputnik.

“A Sudanese reconnaissance platoon was attacked by an Ethiopian force near the border, leading to three killed, two taken prisoner from the Ethiopian side, in addition to a number of injured,” the source said.

The border conflict between the two Nile valley countries escalated in November 2020, with Sudanese troops advancing into the contested Al-Fashaga triangle.

The triangle is a 600 square kilometer (150,000 acres) stretch of fertile agricultural land seized by Ethiopia in 1995 following a spat between Sudan and its two Nile valley neighbors.

The conflict was further complicated by the settlement of thousands of Ethiopian farmers in the disputed area, provoking calls for full withdrawal and a return to the pre-November status-quo by the Ethiopian side.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry earlier called on both sides to reach an amicable solution through negotiations.


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