Fnikayode tackles Muslim group over threat to Kukah


Controversy is still raging over a statement by Rev Mathew Kukah, accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of religious nepotism.

A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fanikayode, has tackled a Muslim group, Muslims Solidarity Forum, which, among other critics, has asked Kukah to apologise or leave Sokoto.

According to Fanikayode, the fear is unwarranted as he believes he never attacked the President.

He tweeted on Wednesday:
“Bishop Hassan Kukah did not attack Islam & has nothing to apologise about. He has always sought for religious tolerance & peaceful co-existence between Christians & Muslims. Those that demand that he “must apologise” or “leave Sokoto” must mind their utterances & keep the peace.

“If anyone can provide me with a video of Kukah calling for violence against Muslims or inciting people against Islam I will give him one million naira.”

Kukah had claimed that Buhari’s favouritism was unprecedented, adding that if he (Buhari) was not a Northern Muslim, his government would have been toppled.


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