Afenifere to Arewa Consultative Forum: Call your criminals to order


Pan Yoruba organisation, the Afenifere, has warned the Arewa Consultative Forum to stop threatening the Yoruba with war, but call ‘its criminals’ to order.

The Afenifere is referring to criminal herdsmen said to be attacking Ibarapa, Oyo State people and others.

Reacting to a statement by the ACF, the Afeniferem in a statement signed by its Spokesperson, Yinka Odumakin, said:

The group frown at ACF’s comment warning against a repeat of the 1966 civil war, insisting that the group shouldn’t use war to threaten the Yorubas. The statement in part reads

“While we have gone to a great length to sue for peace and have appealed to our pained people to be law-abiding even with the daily provocations of the Fulani and harassment of our people, we frown at the very arrogant and insulting ACF statement, especially their reference to the event of 1966.

We must make it clear to them that they cannot threaten us with a war at this stage as we will not provoke war but never are we going to run for anybody on our land.

We are miffed that a body like ACF that has never shown any remorse over the killing of our people can open their mouths anyhow now because there are consequences for the irresponsible actions of their people.

We advise them to call their criminals to order and not expect our people to sheepishly wait to be killed by those who value cow lives more than human beings.”

We do not want a repeat of 1966 event but if there are people plotting such event again, the rain will be over their heads.”


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