Pasuma savours fatherhood as his daughter becomes US Navy officer


Fuji act, Psuma Alabi, is currently in high spirits as one of his daughters, Opeyemi, has become an officer of the high rayted United States Navy.

Pasuma has a novel fatherhood life as he has never been married but has children from some women.

He has, however, regularly had the opportunity to smile over the progress his children are making.

Announcing the most recent feat online on Wednesday, he noted (sic):

‘Congratulations to me, my gurl is a Navy now in USA, Opeyemi L’america congrats my dearest daughter, yhu alwayz make me and yhur mum proud alwayz. May God almighty guide yhu in yhur choosing career(Amin yah ALLAHU.E MA LO WA OOO IJOBA LAWA OOO.’

Interestingly, it was only about a week ago that one of Pasuma’s top fans, Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, also announced a similar victory through one of his daughters, Nofisat.

She not only completed her education in Nursing in a Georgian university, she has also secured a job in the God’s own country.