Anger as Praise, Ka3na are caught having sex in BBNaija house

Praise and Ka3na

As Ka3na and Praise are caught on camera having sex, some Nigerians have expressed disgust at wha they believe as the immorality that Big Brother Naija sometimes promotes.

Sex has always been an issue with the show and the duo appear to have sparked controversy with the early Saturday morning action.

Interestingly, Praise and Katrinahave been in one relationship or the other, based on the profiles.

While the 28-year-old man is engaged and has a child with his fiance, 26-year-old Katrina is said to be still married to her 64 years old white husband who she shares a child with, although they are separated at the moment.

Here is how people are reacting on Linda Ikej Blog (sic):

“This show is a big insult, as you can see that most of this guys are in their 20s, and I believe that the owner of this show must be in his or her late 40s or early 50s, now tell me what is so entertaining watching kids of the same age with ur children having sex in public. Or as parents to this guys, how do feel watching ur child having sex in such a global channel like this,,,,really this is a complete bull shit.”

“Anybody force you to watch the game?”

“I am so ashamed of Ka3na. Can’t believe I was her die- hard fan cos I thought her to be quite decent and mature . #unfollow. I don’t blame Praise cos he’s always been ghetto razz and shallow minded. No content at all. Just noise and envy! Smelly bully. #unfollow.”

“If you weren’t a virgin you would like the show.”

“We have become too tolerant of immorality. If we condemn same sex relationships but accept fornication,have we done Christianity any favours. This programme does more harm than the herdsmen. This lewd programme is killing the innocence of our youths. We will pay the price in the days to come.”

“Are you still suprised how a nation like nigeria will have a fool as president?99% of people that watch this Bb dont have voters card.please feel free to defend this stupid distraction or even dislike my comment but the reality is that by the time this useless program is finished even the cows,goat and rams in the north will be prepared for the next election.Come next election another fool will be produced as president while the southern youths are fixated on who fucked who on big brother.Nigeria ain’t getting any better and the problem is not just the leaders but the led that have misplaced priorities. Shame.”


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