You will be my husband in my next life, says lady in love with Hushpuppi


Hours after a music producer, Klever J, described Hushpuppi as his icon, a Nigerian lady, Ada Jesus, has also come out to express her love for him.

The lady, who is also an entertainer, prays she has a son like the man standing trial in the US for cybercrime allegation.

Hushpuppi (Ramon Abas), who was dressed in Dubai, is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago.

Ada noted: “I pray to have a son like u, and in my next life u will be my husband. Wisdom man, may God be with u brother.. Nobody holy pass.”

On Tuesday, Klever Jay had declared on Twitter (sic):
“You are not just a genius , you sacrificed yourself for generations to come in your family, your sister died in Luth because of 3500 Naira hospital bills (typhoid and malaria ) you stood up and clear poverty from your family, who I’m I to judge you, who has seen real poverty will understand hunger and taste for wealth, you are not Pablo but you are ray hushpuppi, I will tell my kids about you. ICON GANGAN. No saint in the world, even J.P. Morgan chase smuggle cocaine, definitely I’m getting your frame in my abode.”

Klever Jay and Hushpuppi


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