Pogba is enjoying his football – Solskjaer


With Pogba radiating good form since he returned to the pitch for Manchester United, Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has developed more than a momentary interest in him.

He has a poetic description for Pogba’s current form, saying, the French man is ‘enjoying his football’.

There had been a serious friction between the coach and Pogba as well as the footballer’s management, especially before coronavirus hit the world.

Pogba had got fed up of the club with a series of reports coming that he wanted to leave.

But Solskjaer, though says he is not putting any unrealistic fund on any player, believes Man U and Pogba still have a future together.

He says in an interview, “Of course we want to keep the best players around the club. We want to build a squad for the future.

“Scott and Nemanja, they’re in a similar position but at different stages in their careers. One at the start, one really experienced. We also need players in that mid-range group, so hopefully, we can do something.

“I know that since Paul’s come back now he’s looking better and better. He’s just enjoying his football and let’s see where it takes us.”


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