The brand of Tramadol in Nigeria can make even a horse deadbeat – NDLEA boss

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The Chief Executive Officer of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Muhammad Abdallah, has said that the brand of Tramadol available in Nigeria is so fierce that it can harm even a horse.

He said that, compared to what obtained in other countries,the one in the Nigerian market was too strong.

He said the abuse of the drug was fueling crime, adding that the insurgency witnessed in the North-East region of the country was fuelled by Tramadol abuse.

Abdallah assai on Thursady:


“The government of India has upped its ante; they have now put more control on the supply of tramadol to Nigeria.

“Tramadol, if I will explain a little bit more, for normal medicinal dosage is between 50mg and 100mg. But the ones we have seen in Nigeria range from 200mg to like 500mg. Even a horse will be deadbeat by the time it takes that.

“But that is what Nigerians have been taking. That is what fuels insurgency in the north-east, because theatre commandants have testified to me that every Boko Haram camp they have overrun, they found paraphernalia of drug abuse, particularly tramadol.

“The whole average of drug abuse in nations is 5%. In Nigeria, it is getting to 15%. That is not a data or a statistic we should be happy with.”


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