Two run-away Covid-19 patients captured in Kaduna

15 died of COVID-19 in Lagos on Thursday

The Kaduna State Commissioner for Health, Dr Amina Mohammed Baloni has said that security agencies have successfully tracked down two Covid-19 positive persons who fled their homes shortly after they were notified of their test results.

Dr Baloni, in a statement said: “the man and woman involved are now at the Kaduna State Government isolation centre for treatment.

”The two patients had been isolating in their respective homes pending receipt of their test results.

”They both switched off their phones and remained incommunicado once they were informed of their positive test results.’’

Baloni encouraged all residents to take precautions and protect themselves and their families from Covid-19.

“Persons who get infected should note that Covid-19 is not a death sentence.’’

In addition, Dr Baloni said that persons who receive treatment promptly have a higher chance of defeating the disease.

“Twelve persons have so far been discharged in Kaduna State after receiving treatment and our health professionals are working hard to ensure that others recover,’’ she said.