I’m from a broken home. I don’t want to be a replica of my parents – Belinda Effah

Belinda Effah

Lasun Alagbe

Notable actress, Belinda Effah, has reveaed an experience guiding her choice of relationships.

She says she is from a broken home and knows the implications on those involved.

“I’m from a broken home. And I don’t want to be a replica of my parents,” she told the stubbornly probing crew of ‘My View’ on TVC on Friday morning.

In the engaging interview, in which Belinda demonstrated wisdom, depth and spontaneity, she highlighted some happenings in Nollywood, which are largely positive.

She was not eager to talk about romance isssues, yet she was lured into such, jokingly tagging the interviewers monitoring spirits in the process.

Although Belinda did not give details of her parents’ failed marriage, she noted that many men were carried away by physical or professional outlook of an actress like her; but, for her, meaningful and enduring relationships go beyond the physical.

She is interested in whoever will love and appreciate her real person.

She explained that acting had become a good business, agreeing with the interviewers that filmmaking had largely become lucrative.

Belinda in action

According to her, gone were the days it took too long for an actor to get jobs, adding that many people or outfits were involved in already shooting, so that if one did not get a call from a big producer, one could get from others.

After having spent about 10 years in the industry, Belinda seems to know what it takes to become successful on the screen.

She, however, has a critical message for young people who may want to come on board: they should be ready to work hard and persevere for stardom to come.

She also warned that acting is a jealous busness, to the extent that it is not realistic to be involved in any other work or job while being a professional actor.


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