Retiree owing a huge sum takes sniper, dies

A Lagos-based retiree Afolabi Taiwo, has committed suicide.
He was said to have taken Sniper in his home at Adamo area of Ikorodu, a sururb in Lagos.
Spokesperson of the Lagos State police command, Bala Elkana, who confirmed the incident, said the corpse of the deceased had been moved to the mortuary and an autopsy is expected to be carried out on it.
A rising number of Nigerians have committed suicide in recent times.
Among them were young people, especially undergraduates who fell into depression.
While some adults too have also taken the desperate step, often due to financial frustrations, some ladies have also done so over love rejection.
In the last two weeks, two people had jumped into the Lagoon in Lagos.
Some of the neighbors of the deceased said he was found dead in his bedroom with an empty container of the Sniper, a deadly insecticide, beside his body and a suicide note on his death bed. The reason for his act is yet to be ascertained but sources close to him believe his indebtedness to a lady who he borrowed a large sum of money to do a business that failed, led him to carry out the sad act.
One of them was quoted as saying:
“The incident happened on Sunday at Akpofure Street, Adamo, Ikorodu. The cause of his death is linked to debt and family row according to his suicide note. He is suspected to have swallow poison substance like sniper. The room was smelling such. He spoke with his children before locking himself up in the room. When the wife asked of the man from the children, she was told that their father was in his room. After knocking on the door for some minutes without reply, she used her key to open the door and met the man dead on his bed, “ a source said


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