From Tomisin, fresh breath of poetry from dream country


US-based Nigerian student, Tomisin Oluwole, speaks on how she discovered the writer in her, writes LASUN ALAGBE

There is a promise of an impressive voice in the Nigerian and, indeed, global literature. It is that of, Tomisin Oluwole, a Fashion Merchandising student at the California State University, United States, who has not only discovered her muse but is also really giving life to her passion.

Multi talented Tomisin is bursting forth with fine poetry deep and tender at the same time. The depth of her mind is symbolised by the reflective property of her poems, a feature that sets her apart from many aspiring young writers who care less about what many would consider as the core attribute of poetry: imagery.

She demonstrates this in a chain of poems titled ‘Half Past Two in the A. M.’, which include moving verses titled ‘Make Sense’ and ‘The Day Moon’.

“I like to observe things, reflect on them,” Tomisin says on her source of inspiration. “It’s how I’ve always been, and needless to say, life has a lot to showcase. My urge to write is fuelled by my urge to pause and really look at things, coupled with my vivid imagination.

“I suppose I discovered I could write when I was about eight and my mum got me a letter-making toy machine. I’d use it to make cards for every occasion, and I’d really think through every step of the process.”

She primarily writes poetry but she also writes short fictional stories, articles, and scripts. While Tomisin says she has no one particular mentor or model as a writer, she admires a lot of people for various reasons. She, however, pays attention to every opportunity to hone her skills.

“I took a lot of writing intensive classes during the course of my education, but I never really saw them as something of a hindrance. They only further helped me hone my skills and gain more perspective on a range of subjects. And that gets integrated into my writing,” she says. “My dream as a writer is to make people feel things, notice things, spark something. I really just want people to read my work and take a moment to reflect. That’s all.”

But that is not really all for Tomisin. For in addition to being a poet, she is also a fashion stylist, photographer and model.

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