10 factors that suggest Nigeria is still an infant at 59

Past Nigerian leaders

As the Independence Anniversary drums continue to rumble, phenomenal.com.ng highlights 10 key points that show that there is very little cause for celebration as far as the Nigerian project is concerned.

1. A major factor is the country’s inability to generate adequate electricity, which often leaves many parts of the country in darkness. There is, however, the hope that a recent electricity project the Buhari government, involving a deal with Siemens, may make a difference.

2. Although an oil-producing country, Nigeria still imports fuel, with its refineries in limbo just as the Giant of Africa is also really not in charge of the processing of the crude. Can the Aliko Dangote refinery, which he is building in Lagos, solve the problem?

3. There are serious contradictions in the country’s health sector. While a doctor is said to be in charge of about 1,500 people, the country exports doctors and privileged patients. for now, there no roadmap, no fundamentally major initiative to arrest the situation.


4. There are great resources for agriculture but hunger is rife in the land. Many wonder why the governments at all levels are unable to get the millions of unemployed youths into massive agric.

5. Despite ample, assorted potentially enriching resources, poverty is loud in all parts of the country.

6.Nigeria is hugely financially indebted to some other nations. The Buhari government particularly needs to find alternative means of generating funds – not necessarily through multiple taxation. It is a pity that the country could not sustain the radical step taken by the Obasanjo government that neutralised the loans.

7. Nigeria still depends on importation of weapons as it cannot yet manufacture such, like some other countries. Generally, it is lagging behind in science and technology.

8. Its once flourishing educational system is riddled with crises. What is the value of an education system that can’t solve problems?

9. Nigeria is still battling with corruption in high and low places, coupled with tribalism, nepotism etc.

10. Its one-time contemporaries (politically/economically), such as China, Singapore and Malaysia, have left her far behind. Even the likes of Ghana and Rwanda are believed to be getting the rhythm.