Runsewe lambasts Tekno over parade of nude female dancers in Lagos


The Director General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Chief Segun Runsewe, has lambasted hip hop singer, Tekno, for parading semi-nude ladies in a live musical advert.
This happened in Lekki, Lagos, and the police have arrested the artiste before later releasing him on bail.
In a statement by the NCAC DG, he described as anti-culture and dizzying madness the initiative by Techno.

According to Runsewe, this incident must be used to clamp down on promoters and influencers of strange entertainment from the ‘pit of hell.’
He further noted:

“The Lekki public show negates the beauty of the Nigerian culture and way of life. It is unacceptable, ‘Jezebelistic’ and sins against the Nigerian culture, and must be condemned, ridiculed and rejected by Nigerians.

The Lekki debacle must be used as an example to officially clamp down on promoters and influencers of strange entertainment from the pit of hell. Nigeria will never succumb to an imported cultural pastime or to blackmail tailored to destroy centuries-old and rich Nigerian culture. This dizzying madness cannot and will not be allowed to turn Nigeria into a destination for sex and illegal drugs tourism. Enough is enough, and for God’s sake, where is this coming from?”
The advert had caused panic as the person behind it could not be immediately identified.
The state government had to issue a statement through its signage agency, dissociating itself from the campaign and threatening to deal with whoever was behind it.



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