R. Kelly tired of confinement, permitted only three showers a week


“Kelly’s restrictions include no “meaningful interaction” with people, “no time outside getting sunlight,” no media access, and no recreational activities. All his visitations barring meetings with attorneys are recorded, and he’s permitted three showers a week and one 15-minute phone call per month.”
These are said to be terms of the solitary confinement star singer R. Kelly is experiencing and he has cried to the trial judge to get him out.
The artiste facing trial over alleged sexual abuse of minors is said to have suffered physical and mental issues.
This is apart from the slide his fame has suffered, with his music also being scorned by some institutions and people.
His immediate family too has been affected.
The latest appears to be the solitary confinement he is rejecting, with his lawyer, Steven Greenberg, arguing that his client was being treated as a criminal even though he hasn’t violated any prison rules or been convicted of a crime. Greenberg has alleged that Kelly is being punished due to his “celebrity status” and the fact that his charges involve minors.
“The attorney is requesting that the judge examine how solitary is impacting Kelly’s physical and mental health. Back in mid-July, it was reported that Kelly preferred solitary confinement; that he felt content there, believing that if he was in general population, his life would be in danger,” reports add.


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