Childbirth: How Toyin Abrahams, Ronke Odusanya can get back flat tummies

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Toyin Abraham, Odunsanya and Ruth Kadiri
Toyin Abraham, Odunsanya and Ruth Kadiri

One of the world’s newest mums, Toyin Abrahams, cast a truthful joke about three days ago. Making the first comment after she was delivered of a baby a week ago, she expressed some anxiety about how big her tummy remains even after the original august occupant had stepped out into limelight.

Interestingly, the bundle of joy she had with actor Kola Ajeyemi, came to life in August, making him the real august visitor in the month of August.

What many experts and mothers will say is that getting back a flat tummy after delivery is something that every mum dreams of. Following the current harvest of babies in Nollywood, takes a look at some simple steps that can held them in this regard.

Others who have just received the priceless gifts include, Ijebu, Ronke Odusnya and Ruth Kadiri.

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Here are some simple remedies that will definitely help:

Limit intake of sugar/starch

The first step is to limit or reduce the intake of sweets, grains, breads and fake sugars. Sugar causes inflammation in the body, and decreasing those inflammatory foods can help speed the process.

Toyin Abraham, Odunsanya and Ruth Kadiri
Toyin Abraham, Odunsanya and Ruth Kadiri

Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding is a great way to burn extra calories and it is also very good for the baby. Especially in those first months after giving birth, breastfeeding can greatly improve weight loss. So this goes a long way in achieving a flat tummy after delivery.

Eat less but more frequently
You must follow healthy eating tips, eat real food, with more vegetables. Avoid too much of heavy food, drink more water, fruits and eat more of protein.

Remember that when you eat well, you also end up burning more calories.

Get adequate sleep

It’s challenging to get adequate sleep with a newborn, but sleeping is extremely important. So take advantage of nights you can get more sleep, because your body needs it.

Daily exercise

Don’t jump into Strenuous workouts shortly after giving birth, they are not for new mums. Start by gradually by walking, swimming, and cycling.

Toyin Abraham, Odunsanya and Ruth Kadiri
Toyin Abraham, Odunsanya and Ruth Kadiri

Abdominal binding

One of the most effective ways to get a flat tummy after delivery is to bind your tummy for as many hours as you can in a day.

Professional massage therapists and doctors do not recommend such abdominal binding until at least four to six weeks have passed.

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