Faster Internet speed: MTN rolls out 4G+


A few weeks after MTN Nigeria was listed on the stock exchange, it has launched 4G+ in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

The company said in a statement that the MTN 4G+ technology was 4G LTE advanced technology using a combination of the recently acquired 800 MHz spectrum and 2600 MHz.
The Chief Operating Officer, MTN Nigeria, Mazen Mroue,, said the launch of 4G+ represented a natural evolution from MTN’s already fast and reliable 4G network and further demonstrated the company’s commitment to continued investment in technology that caters to the present and future needs of its customers and country.
“It’s about the customer. We put the customer at the heart of everything that we do,” the company’s boss added.
According to the statement, the added spectrum and advanced technology extended the reach and capacity of its data network in Nigeria and enabled speeds of up to 200 megabytes per seconds.

The new technology means a 30-minute HD video could take as little as three minutes to download on 4G+, while the same video would take around eight minutes to download on standard 4G, MTN added