Inspiring poetic posts by UNN student who committed suicide today

Chukwuemeka Akachi

Samuel Oladipupo Essoodee

Chukwuemeka Akachi

Chukwuemeka Akachi, a first-class final year student from the department of English and Literary studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN, reached out on Facebook before committing suicide. As expected, the brilliant guy{s posts are generally poetic as he was said to have been a poet.
Here are some of his poetic posts on his official Facebook account:

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‘’I Cannot Answer You Tonight – Neil Hilborn’’

‘’No one ever taught me how to pray, so i won’t
instead, i’ll just say this
God bless the shape your head leaves on my pillow
God bless your insatiable hair
God bless you, though the hour is late
for you have come to me
at last’’

“What is dead may never die.”

‘’You tell him about one of your attempts. The pity in his eyes adjusts its tie as he tells you, “You don’t know how to die, Akachi”
Now you want to not learn how to. At all cost.’’

‘’Anyone who preaches religion to my kids will spend at least 48hrs in jail.’’

‘’UI ‘Lecturer’ Commits ‘Suicide’
He was a Lecturer 1 and had been on his Ph. D. for 22 years.’’
‘’Dear Everything,
I am afraid of dying.
I am afraid of living.’’

‘’Stop throwing money at your sadness.’’

‘’One day when I grow up and become a fine poet, I will write an essay about myself and I will title it “Validation”. I will write about how little little but diverse experiences have come together to make me that fine writer. In that essay, I will write, with so much emphasis, of how my Lecturer, Mr Leo Onyemuche Anele Ejesu, presented my poem, ” A Poet May Never Find Love”, one of the finest writers I know, presented my poem, “First Love”, on the 22nd day of March, 2019, at an evening of poetry, organized by the Muse, Department of English and Literally Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.’’

‘’I am a turtle without a shell
and I have the scars to prove it
I am pulling myself
from the magician’s hat
night after night
and I have the scars to prove it…
Give me ten dollars
and I will show you everything.


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