BREAKING: Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is not laughing


Commuters are experiencing what is close to a hell on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway as gridlock is the other of the day in some crucial areas.
While the Magboro section was blocked Friday evening through the night, the Redemption Camp started witnessing the gridlock since about the same time and this reached the peak from midnight when many people who attended the Holy Ghost Service got stranded.
Early Saturday morning, many of them were seen at the bus stops waiting for buses that wouldn’t come, with those riding cars and other vehicles stranded right and left.
The situation forced many of them to take to trekking with the hope that they would get a solution along the line.
Still on Saturday morning, the traffic had built up to Ibafo and Magboro because the MFM is also holding its monthly programme.
As of now, people coming from Lagos will enter the gridlock from Long Bridge and they will be in it till MFM/Ibafo.
Those coming from Ibadan will practically be in the problem from before the Redemption Camp to the Wawa area.
The situation forced a commuter narrating her experience to say in Yoruba, ‘Lagos Ibadan Express way ko re rin-in.’
This literally means, ‘Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is not laughing.’
The crisis on the road is normally due to the reconstruction going on, especially in the area being covered be Julius Berger.

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