Uche Jombo is sending thunder to some people



Actress and producer, Uche Jombo, is not taking it lightly with whoever is inconveniencing her nowadays. The other day an online ‘pokenoser’ who asked her questions concerning her husband got a shock of an answer. Today, she is asking thunder to strike those indiscriminately uploading other people’s films on online.

She says in an Instagram post:

“Let’s discuss Nollywood illegal uploads, which is not just a sin against the film-makers but also a sin against God
Are you kidding me?
“Do you know what WE go through?
Had an interesting chat with some people who uploaded my film DAMAGE illegally on their site, Their sense of entitlement to that ‘You never make money reach feeling ?’ to calling me an imposter on their little WhatsApp group…got me thinking of how we can ALL do better this 2019 – because the thunder that will fire you if you are in this digital age illegal upload of someone creative work and sweat is doing press up.
“This industry is taxed heavily already??‍??
God, any person or group that will not let us reap the benefits of our Labour ,
Holy ghostttttttt fireeeeeeeeeee!”


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