‘Patting dogs can lower one’s blood pressure’


Lolade Ogunbowale
Dogs are uniquely friendly animals. That is why they are very close to humans – and vice versa. What many of us do not know, however, is that friendship with them may have some medicinal value. But, mind you, they also present some side effects!
Here are some things you didn’t know about dogs.
1. Dogs urine can corrode metals. In fact, several lampposts in Croatia actually collapsed because so many dogs were peeing on them.
2. Your dog’s sense of smell is 1,000 to 10 million times better than yours.
3. The part of a dog’s brain that interprets odours is 4 times bigger than a human’s.
4. The male dogs, including the sire (father) of a litter, are capable of eating newborn puppies right after they are born if they are not isolated from the room.
5. It is proved that patting a dog lowers an owner’s blood pressure.
6. The dog that bites the most is the German Shepherd.
7. 5 million puppies are born every year.
8. The country with the highest percentage of dog ownership is United State at 61.1 million dogs. France comes in second.
9. A dog can see their owner up to 1 mile away if that person is waving his or her hands.
10. Dogs can be trained to understand up to 200 different words.

Image credit: mnn.com

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