My husband has been starving me of sex for two years – Pastor’s wife



 “Rotimi no longer wants to see me because he now knows that my anointing is greater than his. Anytime I have a revelation for our congregation in the church, Rotimi, as the church overseer, will not want God’s revelation to be shared because he feels that I might be greater than him. He prefers to tell lies to the congregation and his attitude is against my calling.

“For two years now, Rotimi has been starving me of sex. This is due to the fact that he has another wife in Lagos State. Besides, Rotimi is making desperate moves to terminate my life in another revelation by our son.  He is currently blackmailing me around that I am a fake prophetess. Rotimi lacks any milk of human kindness because he no longer fends for the children and me. The land on which his church is built is jointly owned by both of us.”

These were the words of an Ibadan, Oyo State-based woman, Dolapo, whose husband has dragged to a Magisterate’s Court in Oke Ogbere, in the ancient city, seeking divorce.

According to The pastor, Rotimi Michael, said he was tired of the 11-year-old marriage because Dolapo was arrogant and was working against his ministry.

He told the President of the court, Alhaji Suleiman Adeniyi, “To say the least, my lord, I have for too long tolerated Dolapo’s arrogance, disrespect, stubbornness and stone-heartedness to me, probably due to my silence. She doesn’t even take instructions from me; instead, Dolapo consults other pastors around. Rather than supporting my ministry, she causes pandemonium that leads to crises in the church. In fact, Dolapo keeps nagging and I am completely fed-up with her.”

The case was adjourned till March 20, following a plea by some other church leaders for intervention.

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