Cambridge fellow goes naked in Brexit drama


Nudity again became a weapon of protest recently when an Economics Fellow from the University of Cambridge, Victoria Bateman, went 100 per cent naked to protest Brexit.
What initially looked like a jolly game for Britons, when they carried out a referendum on whether or not to continue to be part of the European union, has become a huge issue rocking its politics and economics.
According to reports, in a performance at the Cambridge Junction Theatre last week, on the eve of the Parliamentary vote on Britain’s exit from the European Union, Dr. Victoria Bateman carried out a naked protest as she argued that “Brexit leaves Britain naked”.
Then, she argued, “Britain has sold itself the emperor’s new clothes. She explores how Brexit leaves the British economy exposed, how it has uncovered and fuelled dangerous anti-immigration sentiments, and how it has laid bare the failures of past policy – failures that mean that too many people believe they have nothing to lose from Brexit simply because they have nothing at all.
“In the dark times ahead, we must all keep on making the case for freedom – a freedom that goes beyond the individual nation state and that allows each and every one of us to make the most of our lives no matter where we are born.”

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