Buhari promises Kwarans better life


President Muhammad Buhari has said that he will consolidate on the gains his government has made if he is reelected.

Those gains, he said, included dealing with corrupt elements, improving on security and agricultural breakthroughs.

He highlighted this in Ilorin, Kwara State on Monday when he was addressing the people during his campaign rally.

He said, “We are going to continue to take those who abuse trust before the law; collect what they have stolen and reinvest them infrastructure,” he added President Buhari said this in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital during hcampaign rally.

“I assure you that the undertaking we made in 2015 in the three major issues All Progressives Congress (APC) believes in (security, economy and fight against corruption), we have not failed.

“Wherever I go I repeat myself on these issues so as to remind you where this country was before we came in, where we are in now and what we are able to do with the resources that are at our disposal.

“The people of the North east as far as security is concerned, are our major witnesses of our performance.

“On the economy, we thank God the three previous rainy seasons were good. We made fertilizers available and reduced the prices it used to be. People are back to the farms and nobody regretted it. We are able to ensure food security and people are living respectable lives; in fighting corruption, we are not going to give us.”

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