They have  announced my death on social media several times – Soyinka

The Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has recalled how some people announce his death on social media several times last year.
He said such people are so committed to peddling false news that they sometimes announce people’s obituaries when they are still alive.
He said the activities of the fake news peddlers were so intense that people had t call him on phone to confirm what they had heard.
Soyinka said this as part of his contribution to a discussion going on BBC.
According to him, the situation is so bad that fake news may lead to the Third World War.
In a report in ‘The Punch, Soyinka is quoted as saying, “During the last Presidential election I was quoted as saying that it serves President Jonathan right for marrying an illiterate.
“Sometimes some people quote me as saying if you vote for a particular candidate, your mother is a goat or your father is a gorilla.”
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