There is no legal battle over custody of Aisha Abimbola’s  children – Lola Alao


Popular actress, Lol Alao, has said that there is no legal tussle over the custody of  the children of her deceased colleague, Aisha Lawal, who died in May last year.

Against some reports that there is a legal issue between her and the family of the late actress, she said the information amounted to nothing but fake news.

Father of the two children involved, Mr. Victor Ibrahim, also said there was no court tussle.

Alao  told kemiashefonlovehaven that she was not aware of any court case.

She said, “Look, it’s even me that informed Victor of the letter from the government, there’s no fight anywhere. I also have my own kids, I am just helping a late friend, I have nothing to hide, where did you guys get all these fake news, I am not aware of any court issue and as we speak, the kids are holidaying with one of their father’s relatives here in Canada, if anyone writes any useless story about me, I will be ready to sue the person.”

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