Remi Tinubu’s laptop stolen

The office of the senator representing the Lagos Central in the Senate, Senator Remi Tinubu, has been burgled.
The burglars reportedly removed a laptop among some other ‘critical items’.
In a statement on Thursday, the senator’s aide, Nifemi Aje, said the incident was discovered on Wednesday when the staff resumed work.
She added that those involved destroyed the CCTV.
“Items removed included an HP laptop computer, Smile internet device, machine box attached to CCTV HP screen and some copies of Laws of the federation,” the statement read.
“Traces of footsteps were discovered on the office rug. The wall cabinet was left disorganised.
“A report of the incident has already been lodged at the Police Post at the National Assembly and we are assured that the investigation has commenced into the matter.
“We do not know those who perpetrated the burglary or those who sponsored them.
“We are, however, waiting for the outcome of police investigation into the matter.”
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