Women don’t need men to validate them – Mercy Aigbe


Popular actress, Mercy Aigbe, has said that it is unwise for people to narrow financial profiles of women – especially the entertainers – to acting and other related acts alone.

According to her, many of them are into other businesses that are doing well.

She has claimed much success in the passing year – a big house, a big Prado etc., which made some tongues to wag concerning the source of the wealth.

But reacting to a post by leading comedian, Ali Baba, on happenings in the entertainment circle, Aigbe insists that women have the right to be.

She says, “This post on Bros Ali Baba @alibabagcfr has just been brought to my attention. First, I thank him for this shoutout… Thank you Uncle Ali, God bless you .In this world of consistent negativity, a word of encouragement is a light in the proverbial dark tunnel. Secondly, we all need to know that many of us in the entertainment industry are doing lots more outside of the industry. Many of us have clothing lines, make-up lines, real estate investment, car dealership, food company and the likes.

“The fact that you don’t know some of these things does not mean they don’t exist. When the men open doors to new houses, they are doing well or have thriving side hustle but when we, their female counterparts do great things men must have done it for us. We need to teach our young people (male and female) how to give women their DUE.

“We are women, We are powerful, We have dreams and work hard as much as men. Women don’t need men to validate them. Likewise Men don’t need women to validate their manliness. Success is not gender based. You make of your life what you choose to make of it. For me, I do art for passion and Business to survive. Once again God bless you sir @alibabagcfr ….. May we finally come to the light that women own and run businesses too (whether they are on social media or not)… Compliments of the season.”

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